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Johnny Ahn, MD

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Undergrad: Andrews University

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia

Matched Categorical Program: Dermatology, U Florida COM-Shands Hosp

Future Career Plans: Volunteering with local and international medical mission work; participating in academic medicine; and opening a food truck

Fun Facts/Hobby: Playing tennis, rock climbing, hiking, and eating food. Fun fact: I got malaria four times while volunteering at a mission hospital in Chad.

Why RCH?: RCH stood out because of its focus on Emergency Medicine. The other transition year programs where I intereviewed were heavily focused on Internal Medicine. In the long run, learning how to manage real medical emergencies seemed more applicable to everyday life.

Imilce Castro Paz, MD

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Undergrad: Stanford

Medical School: Stanford

Matched Categorical Program: Radiology, Stanford

Future Career Plans: Interventional Radiology, AI research, working in tech consulting.

Fun Facts/Hobby: I play the ukelele, I want to master surfing, I am trying to get an electric guitar this year!

Why RCH?: The schedule is flexible to meet my goals; located close to family, the beach, and Disneyland; and, of course, the amazing perks!

Michael Christensen, MD

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Undergrad: BYU

Medical School: Utah

Matched Categorical Program: Radiation Oncology, UT Southwestern

Future Career Plans: Radiosurgery for brain tumors, teaching, mentorship, and healthcare payment reform

Fun Facts/Hobby: Chasing my 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son during nightly duck-duck-goose games, singing along to Hamilton with my wife, golfing, making açaí bowls, listening to podcasts

Why RCH?: The schedule is flexible to meet my goals; located close to family, the beach, and Disneyland; and, of course, the amazing perks!

Caressa Hui, MD

Hometown: Walnut, CA

Undergrad: BYU

Medical School: Saint Louis University

Matched Categorical Program: Radiation Oncology, Stanford

Future Career Plans: Academics, prospective clinical trials

Why RCH?: Spend a year with my family, flexible rotations

Emery Jamerson, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Undergrad: Columbia

Medical School: Columbia

Matched Categorical Program: Ophthalmology, Columbia

Future Career Plans: Developing ophthalmic screening technology to make comprehensive eye care more accessible and cost-effective

Fun Facts/Hobby: Bartended and taught mixology courses throughout undergrad and medical school

Why RCH?: Focus on wellness, flexibility to tailor schedule to individual academic needs, and I miss SoCal!

Eric Jung, MD

Hometown: Saratoga, CA

Undergrad: UCLA

Medical School: USC

Matched Categorical Program: Ophthalmology, USC Roski eye Institute

Future Career Plans: Interested in an academic career, possible fellowship in retina or neuro-op

Fun Facts/Hobby: Playing music, collecting records, snowboarding, lengthy conversations about consciousness, cognitive neuroscience, free will

Why RCH?: Great mix of EM, surgery, ophtho and other electives... you won't find an intern year with better variety anywhere else. The support from Dr. An, Dr. G, and Kris are amazing. Flexibility allows us time to continue with research and hobbies as well. And of course, sunny socal!

Shadi Khalil, MD, PhD

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Undergrad: New Mexico

Medical School: University of Virginia: MD/PHD

Matched Categorical Program: Dermatology, UCSD

Future Career Plans: Research to understand the role of the skin microbiome in driving cutaneous diseases and look into stem cell therapy in the treatment of dermatologic illnesses

Fun Facts/Hobby: Spending time with friends and family, ideally outside, in the water, or over a board game. Fun fact: I recently got fourth place in "Terraforming Mars" at the Prezcon annual boardgaming tournament

Why RCH?: A strong EM focus and the opportunity to work with underserved patients

Jacob Langston, MD

Hometown: Pipe Creek,TX

Undergrad: Texas A&M

Medical School: Texas A&M

Matched Categorical Program: Radiation Oncology, University of Colorado

Future Career Plans: Brachytherapy, immunotherapy, the abscopal effect

Fun Facts/Hobby: Weight lifting, cooking/eating, exploring Orange County and everything California has to offer

Why RCH?: Unique customizable schedule across multiple specialties of medicine, location, best administrative staff a resident could ask for, emphasis on resident wellness

Benjamin Lin, MD

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Undergrad: Univ Wisconsin

Medical School: UCLA

Matched Categorical Program: Ophthalmology, University of Miami Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Future Career Plans: Academics with a focus on online medical education

Fun Facts/Hobby: My roommate and I (shoutout to Itamar) started a worm farm on our apartment patio this year to compost our food waste. Fun fact: worms are hardier than you expect. They survived the 100+ degree Riverside summer heat.

Why RCH?: The biggest draw for me was the EM, rather than IM, focus of the program. Practically speaking, I'm counting on it to give me a little more confidence when a rapid response is called for future patients in clinic (happened to me once on an away rotation). In addition, the flexibility of the program allows me to tailor our curriculum to exactly what I'm interested in and allows me to continue working on research/education projects outside the hospital. Finally, the incredible program leadership (Dr. An, Dr. G, and Kris) truly care about our well being and always go the extra mile for us - words do not do them justice!

Itamar Livnat, MD, PhD

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Undergrad: UCI

Medical School: University of Illinois: MD/PHD

Matched Categorical Program: Ophthalmology, UC Irvine Gavin Herbert Eye Institute

Future Career Plans: Specialize, academics

Fun Facts/Hobby: I helped my brother start a gaming company, Liv games, whose first game, Legendary Wars, was downloaded over 3 million times and was just re-released.

Andrew Sauvageau, MD

Hometown: Lewiston, NY

Undergrad: Cornell/Buffalo

Medical School: Buffalo

Matched Categorical Program: Dermatology, University of Michigan

Future Career Plans: Continue abroad service work and likely sub-specialize

Fun Facts/Hobby: Fun fact: I taught high school in Micronesia for a year before medical school. Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, basketball, weight lifting. Generally, anything active or outdoors.

Why RCH?: I love the outdoors, and after doing multiple cross-country road trips I knew the west coast would be the best place for me to take advantae of my intern year and escape the harsh Buffalo winters I grew up with. RCH in particular stuck out among other programs due to its emphasis on emergency medicine. As a future dermatologist, I felt that having a foundation in emergency medicine would better prepare me to handle future medical issues encountered outside of my specialty. Not only was the curriculum flexible and diverse, but the RCH residents also appeared to be some of the happiest I encountered on the interview trail. After starting here, I can say that it still holds true. Our program directors, and RCH as a whiole are truly are dedicated to resident wellness, and giving residents the support they need to thrive during their intern year.

Calvin Sung, MD

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Undergrad: UCLA

Medical School: UC Riverside

Matched Categorical Program: Dermatology, UC Irvine

Future Career Plans: Pharmaceutical/industry research, clinical trials, commercial drug development, pharma/biotech consulting

Fun Facts/Hobby: Taught martial arts to k-65 year olds

Why RCH?: Home school UCR- unparalleled personalized curriculum with emphasis on resident autonomy and hands-on training

Christopher Yu, MD, PhD

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins

Medical School: University of Pennsylvania: MD/PHD

Matched Categorical Program: Radiology, UCLA

Future Career Plans: Potentially interventional radiology. Interested in research/academics.

Fun Facts/Hobby: Eating and Cooking. Personal Finance/Investing. Reddit lurker

Why RCH?: Moved out to be with my wife and family. Great program - flexible schedule/rotations; free food; and an awesome PD (Dr. An) who actively has your back. Also a good number of EM rotations (which I was personally interested in).