Internal Medicine Residency Program

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Research and Scholarly Activity

Our residents are active in many research and quality improvement projects with residency faculty and collaborators at other institutions. Residents are able to utilize the Graduate Medical Education Division’s unique clinical database and also apply for GME funded competitive grants.


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Conference Presentations

House staff are encouraged to submit and present their research and case reports at local and national conferences. Funding is provided towards travel and other expenses.

Hwang AW, Olmedo K, Whitmore M, Popa AS. Implementation of a blood utilization program at a community hospital [abstract]. Hospital Medicine Annual Conference; 2019 Mar 24-27; National Harbor (MD)

Savoj J, Ayutyanont N, Vandever C, Gulati R, Biswas M. Assessment of contributing risk factors leading to heart failure in methamphetamine user patients [abstract 732] American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2019 Mar 12;73(9)(suppl 1).

Savoj J, Mikhail C, Gulati R, Ayutyanont N, Popa AS. New Internal Medicine Residency Program at a Community Hospital Improves Mortality Without Increasing the Cost or Length of Stay (A Two-year followup) [abstract]. Hospital Medicine Annual Conference; 2019 Mar 24-27; National Harbor (MD).

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Kubomoto S, Bunag C, Gulati R. Using a smartphone chat app for communication between residency program leadership and house staff. Poster. Association of Program Directors of Internal Medicine, Spring Conference. Philadelphia. April 2019.

Ho JL, Seigler M, Karlin A, Gulati R. Aripiprazole-induced diabetic ketoacidosis [abstract]. Hospital Medicine Annual Conference; 2019 Mar 24-27; National Harbor (MD)

Ho JL, Gad Y, Popa R. Renal artery thrombosis following synthetic cannabinoid ingestion [abstract]. Hospital Medicine Annual Conference; 2019 Mar 24-27; National Harbor (MD)

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Al hemyari B, Bunag C, Biswas M. Puzzled by the Pannus [Clinical Vignettes: 1st Prize]. ACP Southern California Chapter Meeting; 2017 Sep; Marina del Rey (CA).

Riverside Community Hospital Quality Improvement Symposium

Each year, residents present the results of their quality improvement projects at the hospital’s QI symposium. Our house staff have been a strong force in promoting quality and cost-effectiveness.

Clarice Bunag, Haidy Youssef, Rasiq Zackria, Sankavi Aravagiri, Eric Khau, Geethu Nair, Alina Popa. Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis: To PPI or not to PPI. Poster.

Javad Savoj, Christine Mikhail, Rajesh Gulati, Ayutyanont Napatkamon, Alina Popa. New Internal Medicine residency program at a community hospital improves mortality without increasing the cost or length of stay: A 2-year follow-up. Oral Presentation

Karla Olmedo, Andrew Hwang, Michael Whitmore, Alina Popa. Decreasing inappropriate blood transfusions. Oral Presentation.

Sabhyata Sharma, Charity Huang, Remus Popa. Evidence based, cost effective, mechanical Venous Thromboembolism prophylaxis for inpatients at Riverside Community Hospital. Poster.

Bashar Al hemyari, Maria Ottinger, Jim Wu, Alina Popa. Educational classes improve glycemic control in patients with poorly controlled Diabetes Mellitus. Poster.

Asma Jamil, Vinh Luu, Subhpaljit Kaur, Alina Popa. Promotion of Antibiotic Stewardship Through the Use of IDSA Guideline-based Clinical Pathways for HAP and VAP Infections. Poster.

Andrew W. Hwang, Asma Jamil, Tri Ngyuen, Alina Popa. Improvement in notification of positive MRSA results. Poster.

HCA Graduate Medical Education Grants

HCA Graduate Medical Education offers competitive research grants to help fund resident projects across the nation. Our residents were the most active, winning 3 out of 6 grant funding awards in 2019.

“Establishing a Residents as Teachers Curriculum at a New Residency Program in a community hospital”, Alina Popa, Rasiq Zackria, Napatkamon Ayutyanont and Elizabeth Morrison-Banks. Internal Medicine. Riverside Community Hospital.

“Laboratory Test Stewardship: Optimizing computerized physician order entry systems to reduce unnecessary laboratory testing”, Remus Popa, Joyce Ho, Muhammad Zain and Samantha Gelman. Internal Medicine. Riverside Community Hospital.

“Teaching children and their family CPR”, Mimi Biswas, Amin Sabet, Bethlehem Zeleke, Syed Iftikhar. Internal Medicine. Riverside Community Hospital.