Graduate Medical Education

\\\Riverside GME Program \\\

General Educational Objectives

  1. To acquire a comprehensive knowledge base, clinical decision-making ability, and technical skills in the principal components of general surgery. These goals are fostered in an environment of progressively-graded clinical and operative experience and responsibility.
  2. To acquire a broad experience in the additional components of general surgery, including acquisition of the appropriate knowledge base, the development of specific technical skills, and an understanding of the principles of decision-making particular to the specialty.
  3. To acquire the ability to quickly and effectively assess, stabilize, and manage (operatively or non-operatively, as appropriate) the patient with severe multiple injuries, regardless of the organ systems involved.
  4. To demonstrate the intellectual curiosity and commitment required to participate fully in the didactic curriculum of the residency program and to develop personal, life-long habits of self-study and continuing education
  5. To develop professional habits consistent with sound ethical medical practice, including:
    1. Effective interpersonal relationships with peers and other health professionals.
    2. A compassionate attitude toward patients and their families and friends.
    3. Clarity and timeliness of written communication in medical records and elsewhere.
  6. To develop General Competencies in areas recommended by the ACGME
    1. Patient care
    2. Medical knowledge
    3. Practice-Based learning and improvement
    4. Interpersonal and communication skills
    5. Professionalism
    6. Systems-Based practice
  7. To secure an environment in which the residents can develop mature surgical judgment and technical skills and, at the same time, be able to cultivate their cultural and social life.