Family Medicine

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Our Residents PGY3

  • Sophia Esparza

    1. Hometown: San Ysidro, just minutes away from the Tijuana Border.

    2. Undergrad: UCSD

    3. Medical School: UCSF SOM

    4. Interests: I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I love hikes, arts and crafts and napping (with my dogs).

    5. Favorite food: cheese

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    By far the best fit for me!! The location was compatible with my family’s lifestyle. I wanted a very hands-on experience with my patients from day one, as such, a community hospital setting was ideal, with the added bonus of still working in a university-affiliated program. The patient population is diverse, complex and desperately underserved—I would not have had it any other way. The residents were all very welcoming and eager to share their knowledge. It has been a true pleasure working alongside them. Most importantly, I chose this program because of our Program Director. She is brilliant, kind and dedicated to this residency. She is the heart and soul of this program!

    7. Why FM?

    I chose FM because of its broad scope and flexibility. I believe in integrative, comprehensive health care and recognize the value of preventive medicine. I’ve always wanted to play an important role in serving my community, and I know that as a family physician I can make a difference.

  • Gregory Jeon

    Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

    Undergrad: Southern Adventist University

    Medical School: Loma Linda

    Interests: Hiking, Outdoors, Gardening, Cooking

    Favorite food: Any type of Korean food

    Why UCR/RCH FM?

    Everyone was very welcoming on interview day and had a lot of great laughs throughout the whole day. I was also excited to join a new program and take part in helping to develop an FM program.

    One thing I’ve appreciated since joining the program is being able to see both the academic and private side of medicine because some of our rotations are with private practice doctors.

    Why FM?

    I started off medical school wanting to do pediatrics, but I realized that I wanted to see both children and adults. I also really appreciate that Family Medicine, as a whole, incorporates a whole person view when caring for patients, not just limiting it to the medical aspect. You also get to develop a broad knowledge base.

  • Caleb Lusk

    1. Hometown: Flora, IL

    2. Undergrad: University of Illinois (UIUC)

    3. Medical School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

    4. Personal Interests: Los Angeles Clippers Basketball. St. Louis Cardinals Baseball. Hiking. Dave Matthews Band.

    Professional Interests: Preventive Medicine. Addiction Medicine. Academic Medicine.

    5. Favorite Food: Pizza (Pepperoni & Pineapple I know weird! But delicious!)

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I chose the UCR/RCH family medicine residency program for its combined academic and community medicine based training. The programs FQHC clinic and partnership with Riverside Community Health Foundation allows residents to provide medical care and education to the medically underserved patient population of Riverside. The program also has a strong preventative health focus and an academic affiliation with UCR SOM.

    7. Why Family Medicine?

    I knew from the day I entered medical school I was going to go into Family Medicine! The idea of being able to gain the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care for the entire family from children to the elderly is very exciting to me. I also really enjoy developing relationships with my patients and families over time.

  • Julio Mendoza

    1. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    2. Undergrad: Amherst College

    3. Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine

    4. Personal Interests:

    Professional Interests: Women’s health and teen health

    5. Chicken tostadas, poke

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I grew up poor in the City of Compton, which informed my desire to work with the underserved population. Our residency clinic is a federally qualified health center which allows us to provide services to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. We can offer labs, x-ray imaging, and ultrasound services in house to patients who otherwise might not be able to afford it. I feel privileged to be a part of a program that can offer these services.

    7. Why FM?

    I was initially interested in pediatrics, but I missed working with adults after rotating through a children’s hospital in medical school. I also remembered a lack of Spanish speaking primary care providers growing up, and I wanted to help fill that void. I have enjoyed the diversity of skills my residency has cultivated so far and hope to continue to offer a broad scope of family medicine services after I graduate.

  • Mayline Nambela-Barlow

    1. Hometown - Grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Currently live in Grand Terrace, CA. - I didn’t move very far!

    2. Undergrad - La Sierra University

    3. Medical School - Loma Linda University

    4. Interests - FOOD. Camping and hiking with my husband and our two dogs! Mountain biking. Spending quality time with family.

    5. Favorite Food - Pizza. Lots of pizza.

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    Location played a major role in choosing UCR, but the broad scope of training and happy residency environment are what won me over!

    7. Why FM?

    Why not FM?! FM gives me the opportunity to have the broadest scope of practice, from prenatal to geriatrics. FM is the only specialty that gets to treat just about everybody and what better feeling than to take care of an entire family!

  • Diane Phan

    1. Hometown: Westminster, CA

    2. Undergrad: UCI

    3. Medical school: VCU

    4. Interests: spending time with my newborn son/family, cooking, gardening, traveling and binge watching shows on Netflix

    5: Favorite food: anything my mom makes! Mamma Phan is an amazing cook!

    6: Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I chose UCR/RCH for the proximity to home and the amazing people!

    7: Why FM?

    I chose FM because I wanted to provide comprehensive continuity of care. I want to journey through life with my patients as I care for them from childhood into adulthood :)

  • Timothy Vu

    1) Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA

    2) Undergrad: UC Irvine

    3) Medical School: UC Riverside

    4) Interests: hiking, swimming, watching tv

    5) Favorite Food: spaghetti

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I chose UCR/RCH because I really enjoyed the faculty and other residents, the patient population that we get to serve, and being close to my fiancé and family.

    7) Why FM?

    I like being able to see a little bit of everything, treating pediatrics to the elderly, and being able to develop lasting relationships with my patients.

  • Tammy Wong

    1. Hometown: Arlington, TX

    2. Undergrad: Duke

    3. Medica School: UNC

    4. Interests: International travel, eating, baking, running/hiking (being outdoors in general), college basketball!!

    5. Favorite foods: Nooooodles, poke, dumplings, guacamole and chips, cornbread, chicken piccata, fruit tarts, ice cream, chocolate cake, TX BBQ (the best kind of BBQ) and more!

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    The faculty, co-residents, community medicine rotation and work with the health foundation, being in sunny CA

    7. Why FM?

    Patients of all ages, continuity of care, being the go-to doc and first one seen by patients

Our Residents PGY2

  • Lourdes Adame

    1. Hometown: East Los Angeles

    2. Undergrad: UCLA

    3. Medical School: UCLA

    4. Interests: Napping, reading, laughing

    5. Favorite Food: My momma's!

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    Patient population, resident clinic (an FQHC), newer program, community medicine rotation, so much laughter at interview day!

    7. Why FM?

    FM is a platform for social justice. Gives us the ability to provide intergenerational health and develop long-term relationships with patients and families. We have the power to educate and empower.

  • Allan Chan

    1) Hometown: Gilroy, California (garlic capital of the world!)

    2) Undergrad: UC San Diego (Major: mechanical engineering, Minor: music). 2006-2011

    3) Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine. 2015-2019

    4) Personal Interests: Running, swimming, hiking/backpacking/camping, spending time with my dog (Lucy, a Sheepadoodle), cooking/eating, photography, traveling, and of course - time with family and friends! Medical Interests: family medicine, community, sports, pediatrics, global health

    5) Favorite Food: If I had to eat one single meal every day for the rest of my life, it'd be mixed Mediterranean grain/salad bowl with a whole bunch of toppings, protein, and dressing from CAVA. But my favorite food to indulge in - especially after a long run - is a solid super size burrito (carne asada, adobada, breakfast, or surf n turf).

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM?

    The community medicine opportunities were unrivaled considering the partnership with the non-profit Riverside Community Health Foundation. The program director, Dr. Streletz, has such an infectious, supportive, and head-strong personality. The clinic is a FQHC. There is a substantial Hispanic patient population for me to practice my Spanish. I really like my co-residents in the FM program and in the other programs. We get to occasionally work with medical students. It's a relatively new program that has passed the growing pains of infancy but is still very much flexible. I wanted to return to the west coast. In Riverside, I have a lot of relatives and friends scattered nearby around Southern California. Specifically, Riverside is easily within reach of San Diego, Orange County, LA, Joshua Tree, and Big Bear. Bonus: cost of living in Riverside is cheaper than other areas of California.

    7) Why FM?

    Family medicine was an easy choice for me because of how much I value longitudinal patient relationships, preventative care medicine, and the broad spectrum. I also like the outpatient clinic workflow compared to inpatient workflow.

  • Samuel Barlow

    1. Hometown: Simpsonville South Carolina

    2. Undergrad: Brigham Young University

    3. Medical School: University of South Carolina school of medicine

    4. Interests: Surfing, running, basketball, reading, spending time with family

    5. Favorite Food: Korean food

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I chose UCR/RCH because it just felt right. Even in my one day of seeing the clinic, the other residents, and talking with Dr. Streletz, I could see the happy, positive culture. And that has continued to be my experience throughout my intern year.

    7. Why FM?

    I wanted to do outpatient medicine and be able to take care of all types of people, children, elderly, pregnant patients.

  • Ryan Ortizo

    1. Hometown: Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, USA

    2. Undergrad: New York University. Grad School: Harvard University

    3. Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

    4. Interests: I love video gaming, geocaching, restaurant exploring, and disc golfing

    5. Favorite food: Tacos!

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I love the area, and really thought the level of connection that our program has with our community was great. Our Continuity Clinic and our Community Health rotations really are outstanding in the level of positive change we can create in the community.

    7. Why FM?

    I love broad spectrum of care. I think it’s incredible to be able to care for such a diverse population and participate in care during all aspects of their life. I love being able to build those lasting bonds with my patients and truly connect with them. That’s what medicine should be.

  • Anjali Ranade

    1. Hometown: Lake Forest, CA

    2. Undergrad: UC Irvine

    3. Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

    4. Interests: Painting/sketching, exploring the next best brunch or boba spot, hiking, travel

    5. Favorite Food: Ramen or tacos

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I felt right at home with the program and the people on interview day, everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic! I wanted to do residency in a program that has a big focus on the underserved/uninsured and I knew this program would not only be a great learning environment but would also provide me with opportunities to help expand and shape the program. I also love how wellness is incorporated into our program and everyone is extremely supportive and encouraging. Also, with the location close to family, friends and the beach, I’m excited to spend residency here!

    7. Why FM?

    As a third year med student, I really enjoyed holistically approaching patients, from infants to geriatrics, and developing long term relationships with them. I also found myself unable to resist trying to addressing every problem a patient had which lead me to Family Medicine! I love that as FM docs we can treat entire families and get to encounter a variety of pathologies and procedures.

  • Kathryn Roberts

    1. Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

    2. Undergrad: University of Hawaii

    3. Medical School: University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine

    4. Interests: Cooking, baking, Netflix, crafting, traveling

    5. Favorite food: spam musubi

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    During my interview day, I laughed almost the entire day. Everyone was welcoming and joking around and it matched my own personality. The program also worked with an underserved community, through our involvement in a community hospital and FQHC as our clinic site. I felt I could be well supported being so far from home, but also be challenged in a new environment. I liked that it was the perfect mix of community and academics. So far, the program has lived up to my expectations and I am very thankful to be here.

    7. Why FM?

    Family Medicine aligns with the aspects of medicine I value – breaking down barriers and promoting health equity by being engaged within the community. Aside from the luxury of treating the family unit, I enjoy the challenges of the field and find myself striving to help my patients overcome the barriers that they face. It is this sense of partnership that provides the most reward and ultimately inspired me to pursue a career in Family Medicine.

  • David Russell

    1) Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

    2) Undergrad: The University of Colorado at Boulder

    3) Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

    4) Interests: Spending time with my family/friends/dog, books, movies, video games, rock climbing

    5) Favorite Food: Always changing, right now Thai food

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM?

    The focus on wellness and building a family within the family medicine residency. The program has a mix of community/academic with great support from Dr. Streletz, the other faculty, and all the other residents. I also wanted to move to southern California to be near my girlfriend and her family.

    7) Why FM?

    I loved the diversity of family medicine, from OB, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, to Geriatrics, you get to see a little bit of everything. But most importantly, it is the best specialty to build a lasting connection with your patients.

  • Ellen Shin

    1. Hometown: Chicago

    2. Undergrad: Syracuse

    3. Medical School: Loma Linda

    4. Interests: Baking, exploring different hiking spots, group aerobic classes

    5. Favorite Food: Curry

    6. Why UCR/RCH FM?

    Supportive, family-like environment

    7. Why FM?

    I like the fact that I can take care of the whole family!

Our Residents PGY1

  • Kelly Cho

    1) Hometown: Brea, CA

    2) Undergrad: University of Southern California

    3) Medical School: University of Central Florida College of Medicine

    4) Professional Interests: Women's Health, Geriatrics, Adolescent Medicine

    Personal Interests: Drawing, Cooking, Cinema

    5) Favorite Food/s: Korean food, TACOS

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM?

    Interview day left the greatest impression! I left feeling refreshed after meeting and conversing with the most compassionate and kind-hearted PD, PC, and residents. They all had such a heart for community medicine, which is what I'm passionate about!

    7) Why FM?

    FM is a unique opportunity for me to connect with patients over continuity and to build a trust that allows mentoring to health. That trust allows me to expand beyond the clinic as well and become involved in bettering the health of whole communities.

  • Clara Garcia

    1) Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    2) Undergrad: Tufts University

    3) Medical School: Tufts University

    4) Professional Interests: Underserved medicine, Native health

    Personal Interests: Exploring the outdoors! (hiking, camping, horseback riding, water sports), playing with my two pet bunnies, knitting, Bahá'í Faith

    5) Favorite Food/s: Macaroni and cheese

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM? It was clear to me that community integration was a priority for UCR/RCH from day one. I knew I would be surrounded by people who valued underserved medicine. And everyone I met was so friendly and excited about growing a new program - I wanted to be part of it!

    7) Why FM? I want to care for people for their entire lives, and I really value FM's focus on preventative care. Additionally, I love how FM physicians continually pursue creative solutions to medicine's most challenging issues, especially when seeking how to effectively serve the most vulnerable members of our society.

  • Alice Kim

    Hometown: Fullerton, CA

    Undergrad: Haverford College

    Medical School: University of Rochester


    Professional Interests: women’s health, transgender health care

    Personal Interests: finding good places to eat, knitting,

    Favorite food: Sushi

    Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I liked the people and the program!

    Why FM?

    I like the continuity of care and have a lot of interests within family medicine.

  • Lilian Li

    1) Hometown: Arcadia, California

    2) Undergrad: UCLA

    3) Medical School: Touro University Nevada

    4) Interests

    Professional: women’s health, preventive medicine, global medicine

    Personal: travels, trying new restaurants, yoga, and hiking

    5) Favorite Food/s: fresh fruits (mango, berries), desserts (cake, boba drinks)

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM?

    RCH is committed to providing a broad spectrum of academic training at a university-affiliated, community-based hospital that prepares its residents for any practice environment, which is exactly what I was looking for in a program. I am excited to be a part of the incredible team of supportive faculty, residents and staff and to provide medical care for the underserved population in the Inland Empire.

    7) Why FM?

    I am drawn to the versatility of family medicine to explore the endless possibilities from practicing full-scope family medicine to providing continuity of care to a diverse patient population. It is my desire to cater to the specific needs of the underserved communities by offering accessible, comprehensive healthcare to my patients

  • Timothy Lin

    1) Hometown: Taoyuan, Taiwan

    2) Undergrad: UC Riverside

    3) Medical School: UT Southwestern

    4) Professional Interests: primary care, preventive health

    Personal Interests: food and adventures

    5) Favorite Food: dumplings

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM?

    The residents and faculty were extremely happy during the interview visit. The program demonstrated that they offer high-quality training while providing strong support along the way. Riverside is also conveniently located in Southern California without the extreme costs.

    7) Why FM?

    The culture of family medicine is the best fit for me, where you have the breadth of knowledge and skills while knowing who to call or refer to when necessary. Family doctors get to know patients deeply over time, and develop therapeutic relationships that can strengthen patient-physician bonds and help tailor healthcare management plans. In addition, family doctors not only treat acute illnesses but also focus on preventive care. Finally, family medicine is more cost-efficient and has much to contribute to the healthcare reforms much needed in this country.

  • Brian Ngo

    1) Hometown: Anaheim, California

    2) Undergrad: California State University Fullerton

    3) Medical School: Touro University Nevada

    4) Interests:

    Professional Interests: sports medicine, nutrition, and community medicine

    Personal Interests: Escape Rooms, Working Out, Hiking, Video Games, Podcasting / Audiobook, Reddit

    5) Favorite Food: AYCE Sushi, Mom’s cooking

    6) Why UCR/RCH?

    Being at UCR/RCH would allow me to work in an underserved community with a diverse patient population. The program’s emphasis on community involvement and the opportunity to work in various settings would open up a lot of opportunities in the future for me and would make me a well-rounded physician. A nice bonus is that my family lives in Southern California and I hope to stay in the area once I finish my training!

    7) Why FM?

    In general most of medicine fascinates me and FM allows me to immerse myself in various fields in order to become a well-rounded physician. I love talking and educating patients and providing continuity of care. FM also allows flexibility in its practice and there is such a huge demand for primary care physicians.

  • Katie Nguyen

    1) Hometown: Westminster, CA
    2) Undergrad: University of California, Los Angeles

    3) Medical School: Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine

    4) Interests:

    -Professional Interests: Women’s Health, Pediatrics, and Preventative Care.

    -Personal Interests: I love playing the game Animal Crossing with my friends, visiting various Disneylands, and going to music concerts.

    5) Favorite Food/s: Boba

    6) Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I spent most of my time at the pre-interview dinner laughing because the residents were super entertaining. When I interviewed the next day, I really felt at home and valued for my experiences. The program and I shared similar values in serving communities and I had hoped I would see Dr. Streletz, Jennifer, and the residents I had met again.

    7) Why FM?

    I ultimately decided to pursue Family Medicine because I very much value connections I am able to build with people over time. I view being someone’s first point of contact in their medical journey as a huge honor because I will be with them for both the highs and the lows.

  • Samantha Russo

    Hometown: Moreno Valley

    Undergrad: California Baptist university

    Medical School: University of California San Diego


    Professional: women’s health

    Personal: camping

    Favorite Food/s: Tacos

    Why UCR/RCH FM?

    I grew up in riverside county and I want to serve the community that my family and friends live in.

    Why FM?

    I enjoy working with women and children throughout all life stages. As a primary care physician you get to develop relationships with patients and practice preventative medicine.