Family Medicine

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We, as the Family Medicine Chief Residents, want to welcome you to the University of California, Riverside/Riverside Community Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program. We are excited to have you consider our program and the variety of rotations we offer. With an affiliation through UCR, we work with UCR faculty and also help mentor UCR medical students. We also see the business /practice of medicine in the private practice setting through our various rotations. Additionally, we have our continuity clinic, at Borrego Eastside Health Center Building B, which is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Having all of these experiences helps us better decide how we will practice after residency.

As a relatively new program here at Riverside Community Hospital, we just graduated our first class of Family Medicine residents and are excited for the next steps in their career! When you join our program, you will have the unique opportunity to help develop/apply new ideas that may be helpful for residency but may not be feasible in an already established program.

This year, we have four Chief Residents. As mentioned above, we are a young program and have many new ideas and activities to set in motion. To help facilitate this, we have four chiefs who will help address the four main areas of the residency.

Gregory Jeon is our Wellness Chief whose main focus is on quarterly wellness days (dedicated time every quarter where we connect with our co-residents), retreats, AHD (academic half-day), meals, and other residency events.

Julio Mendoza is our Clinic Chief whose main focus is on all things clinic-related such as schedules, and clinic policies and procedures.

Tammy Wong is our Inpatient Chief whose main focus is on schedules and policies and procedures for inpatient, OB, and night services, as well as call schedules.

Caleb Lusk is our Academic Chief whose main focus is on helping organize lectures for AHD, morning reports in the inpatient and clinic settings, and finding new and creative ways to help prepare us for our Family Medicine boards! Another area of focus is on curriculum development and implementation.

***All four of us will be helping each other out in various capacities, but these our official roles.

We are excited that you have chosen to consider us in your residency application journey! Take a look around our website and get to know our residents, our program, and the different rotations that we offer, as well as the different groups that we work with. One specific rotation that is unique to our program is our community medicine rotation through Riverside Community Health Foundation (RCHF; where we are involved with a variety of community-focused programs led by RCHF.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not be able to meet you in-person, but look forward to meeting you virtually. We take resident safety seriously, and especially during this COVID-19, pandemic, we want to make sure residents are and feel safe while caring for patients.

Let us know if you have any questions about the program!

Best wishes,

Gregory Jeon, Julio Mendoza, Tammy Wong, and Caleb Lusk