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COVID-19 and GME at Riverside Community Hospital

Riverside Community Hospital has a comprehensive evidence-based approach to the impact of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic that is designed to ensure that as a resident you will be heard, protected, prepared, supported and cared for.

We hear you.

We have designed multiple ways that clinicians on the ground can provide important organizational level feedback to the hospital. We want to know the most important concerns that frontline clinicians, including residents, have about COVID-19. We value our local experts in infectious disease, emergency medicine, critical care, pulmonology, and other specialties and we integrate their input into Riverside Community Hospital’s response to this difficult challenge. We value the expertise of our physicians and the decision making at Riverside Community Hospital centers on their input.

We will protect you.

HCA is the largest healthcare corporation in the country and with this size our ability to obtain necessary PPE far exceeds the average hospital. We have daily reports that show the days on hand of any necessary PPE. We have had adequate PPE for all of our resident physicians since the outbreak. We have face shields, goggles, gloves, masks, and even PAPRs where appropriate. We are committed to ensuring that your chance of catching SARS-CoV2 during your time at the hospital is as minimal as we can make it. We recognize that no resident wants to put their family or significant others at risk. We want you to focus on learning medicine, not worry about bringing home a virus to your loved ones. Our employee health department has a robust drive in testing capability for SARS-CoV2 for our residents to help determine the need for isolation and quarantine or isolation. If you need quarantine you will receive your usual salary during the quarantine period.

We will prepare you.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic creates a sudden urgent need for healthcare providers to understand a new illness. We must recognize the presentation, understand the diagnostic challenge, and watch new and evolving treatments carefully. Our academic attendings are closely reviewing the COVID-19 literature and evidence-based recommendations and sharing what we know with the residents on a near daily basis. Residents play a critical role in our understanding of this virus helping to pose important questions, note unusual findings or complications, and contribute to research on this disease. HCA has one of the largest databases in the world of COVID-19 patients and we are actively studying this virus to make a difference with each patient we see. We are in this together as healthcare providers. No one will need to make important decisions alone. Our team at Riverside Community Hospital will face this virus as a united front.

We will support and care for you.

We understand that this pandemic could create a surge of COVID-19 patients requiring unusually prolonged or intense patient care. Should this happen healthcare providers’ personal and family needs may well require significant support. Our hospital is committed to ensuring that providers have adequate time for food, drink, and rest during shifts. HCA has provided hotel lodging for physicians who need to make rapid turnaround between shifts, were afraid of falling asleep while driving, or were concerned about exposing family to the virus. Riverside Community Hospital has provided access to mental health experts for our healthcare providers and supports our providers with access to multiple psychological first aid resources.

At Riverside Community Hospital we take the COVID-19 pandemic, and your important role in this historical disease, seriously. While 2020 has brought a great challenge to the world we know our residents, attendings, nurses, and other healthcare workers will rise to this challenge. We hope you can be a part of this remarkable hospital and our story to make a difference in this challenging time. Our mission, “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life” is as relevant today as ever. Now is our time. And yours.

This article is based on guidance provided by Understanding and Addressing Sources of Anxiety Among Health Care Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic, JAMA. 2020 Apr 7. Shanafelt, Ripp, Trockel.