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Excellence in Physician Training at Riverside Community Hospital

In today's rapidly changing and evolving medical climate, it is important to stay abreast of those changes while finding ways to remain focused on providing patient-centered care. At our graduate medical education program, we strive to accommodate this goal in our training of residents. Our team is committed to doing this well, and to assisting our residents in our program in the pursuit of career excellence in the healthcare field.

Market-leader. Transformational. Respected.

Riverside Community Hospital has been serving patients in Southern California since 1901. The facility has a reputation for excellence and patient-centered healthcare in the community. Our graduate medical education program is distinguished and competitive, and our advantage comes from our full range of service offerings and a wide selection of equipment and technology.

Training the Healthcare Providers of Tomorrow

Our residency programs are affiliated with the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine, ensuring that our residents have access to the most advanced education and resources available. By the end of their training, residents will be fully prepared for success in their careers with the ability to adapt to the evolving and changing nature of the healthcare industry while providing patient-centered care.

Dr. Deborah Deas, dean at the UCR School of Medicine, explains the importance of our Graduate medical education program: "Building new graduate medical education programs in Inland Southern California is crucial for expanding our physician workforce. That is why the UCR School of Medicine is delighted to be the academic partner of Riverside Community Hospital in its residency training programs."

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